■Large communal bath

The large communal bath for men and women with a view of Japan Sea
Enjoy the relaxing hot spring and the scenery.

Drinks after bath (Pay)

■The guest rooms with panoramic view of bath
We have a room with a luring fire bath and the magnificent scenic view of Japan Sea.
A reservation for all three rooms can be made with additional charges of \ 2,380 per person (please reserve in advance).

■The hall
We have a light and calm lobby and spacious calm Japanese-style rooms (choose the sea side or the mountain side),
and also a large banquet room (a size of 30 tatami mats)!
Use our free rental service of cute color yukata and fashion nail for women ♪


Aroma beauty treatment from ¥6,000〜 (reservation required)

  • Please make a reservation beforehand. We might not be able to accept reservations on the day.
  • Please call us for reservation and/or for conformation beforehand since there are some cases where we are unable to accept your reservation.
  • ・ Please note that we might not be able to accept any change of the scheduled time because we are on a subscription basis.
  • ・ Please note that people who are pregnant, in a bad health condition, and have skin diseases cannot receive the treatment.
  • Take off your contact lens, necklaces, and rings before the treatment. (Please securely keep them)

* Indoor facilities *
TV, pay-TV, telephone, room air conditioner, kettle, tea set, yukata, massage
* Amenity goods *
Toothbrush set, solid soap, bath towels, razor
Body soap, dryer, conditioner in shampoo, comb, slippers


〒669-6541 ,906 Kasumiku sakai, Kami-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo
TEL0796-36-3330  FAX0796-36-2446